SDL Group - Special Offer



Dear Sir/Madam,
SDL Group is a company that has for many years successfully engaged in the business, which in these circles, it is called a complete logistics support, which means our maximum efforts for your maximum security, the activities in the field:
- International transport
- Customs clearance of goods
- Storage of goods
- Transport in Serbia

As for international transport is concerned, we are present in almost all countries of Europe, starting with Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Polish, Czech, Hungary and the neighboring countries where our vehicles are present every week and available for both full loads, so and for smaller shipments that require collective transport of goods.

Public customs warehouse type A to the terminal for handling goods, located in the industrial zone in Krnješevci, which is close to the E-70 (Belgrade-Zagreb), 25 km from the city center, with built access roads that allow easy and fast storage access, completes our service and satisfaction in the cooperation of our clients.

The fleet that we have consists of:
- Recovery of standard sizes with the ability to transport bulk cargo
- Solo trucks with capacity up to 3.5 t
- Vans carrying capacity 1.5 t
- Pick up vehicles

Safer, faster and better service in the area of ​​customs clearance allows us powers that we have, which we got from the Customs Administration of the Republic of Serbia, namely:
- Authorized recipient in the national transit / Authorized recipient in common transit
- Authorized sender in the national transit / authorized sender in common transit
- Using SDL customs seals

We hope that on the basis of the presented information to get the opportunity to practice assurance in the quality and speed of our services, which would definitely meant to provide you with certain discounts through some of the product.

Our only goal is mutual satisfaction to be viewed through a long term cooperation.

For further information and questions please contact us by e-mail: or by phone 011 41 47 031 and 011 41 47 032