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Customs regulations and procedures of customs clearance of goods is a very complex matter, and as such it represents the basis element of a complete service in international transport of goods.

SDL Group recognizes the importance of proper and efficient process of customs clearance of goods, speed, confidentiality, and the proper guidance and legal means are very important for all of our clients, and we are at your disposal for any advice, consultation in the field. What SDL Group - Department for clearance of goods provides for many years to all customers is primarily professional team of employees with official licenses obtained by the Customs Administration - customs agents. What is especially important to emphasize that we have a lot of experience in customs clearance of goods knowledge of a large number of tariff groups of the Law on Customs Tariff. Standing longtime - good relations we are present at all important seminars relating to all accompanying regulations, announce to be adopted at the level of the Ministry of Finance Customs Administration.

As important information for all of our customers that we recommend following the trend of accession to the EU, and the occurrence of certain changes in the field of faster flow of goods meet the conditions that resulted in obtaining certain pojednostvaljenih proceedings by the Customs Administration through the work of the NCTS

· Authorized status of the recipient in the national transit

· Authorized status of the sender in the national transit

· Authorized status of the recipient in the common transit

· Authorized status of the sender in a common transit

· Authorized customs status characteristics - obtaining the approval of the customs characteristics under the logo SDL Groupe

All received powers enable us to presentation of an international road transport of all our clients with fast and secure service, easier flow of their goods, with the obligation of recording all the points and the opportunity to see the customs authorities. A proactive model of our business through product customs clearance ensures timely responses to avoid all unnecessary costs of our client.

Customs clearance services we provide to all CI Customs Office Belgrade, as well as the other C if necessary client. SDL Group owns all of the bank guarantee covering a large amount in all the customs procedure and the powers that we have mentioned.

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