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Specialized company recognized by all our partners in the field of international transport, logistics, customs brokerage and warehousing. We can offer a safe and convenient service to all destinations both in collective transport and the realization of full load.


The emphasis and focus in which we want to be recognized by all of our clients the precision and accuracy of all information, providing expert advice in the field of customs brokerage as well as strict adherence to agreed deadlines.

our CORE values

  • Providing services of the highest standards in the freight forwarding and logistics to all our clients
  • Investment in employees for the sake of providing better services and development company
  • Caring about the environment to the latest industry standards
  • Occupational safety as a top priority
  • The investment in technologies that provide fast, accurate and effective best service
  • Research and implementation of the highest standards of the industry

Our base

unlike other...

Constant learning

We are trying to give us the knowledge to be a strong ally and that there is no mystery in our business. We constantly study the regulations and expand the knowledge base.

Latest technology

We use the latest technologies and tools in the industry and also ranks among the companies that keep pace with the development of our business.

Safety and Quality

All protocols that we keep within the company in the context of operations are carried out according to the strictest safety standards.

Caring for the environment

To us another important detail, environmentalism and our company as an individual that affects the environment. We try to be as responsible member of our society.



We are always looking for ambitious and good people who will help in the development of the company. If you are one of them ...


We are constantly improving their business! Visit us at the industrial zone in Krnješevci.


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