SDL Group is the company that all its A customer provides a quick, secure storage, with great care in setting the daily, weekly or monthly rent.

Through its products to all of our client were in case of a SDL s in međjunarodnim transport, customs clearance of goods, domestic distribution, we have a special action through the provision of storage services.

Our goal and vision is to constantly researching the market we are one step ahead and recognize the needs of today and provide a complete service to the Client with certain conscious assignment in the direction of saving money, and their better and safer operations.

As part of the links in the chain of healthy businesses, consciously reducing the percentage of our earnings through product storage of goods, in cases where our client were used for all the other products of complete logistics.

In addition to the aforementioned facts reasons to opt for storage of goods in public customs warehouse type A SDL s your postings are numerous:

- Increased level of security - physical security of warehouse space, video surveillance, alarm system
- Facilitate the tracking of goods in the system - softevrska solutions
- Goods can be stored and hangs down which optimizes space
- Facilitated internal transportation of goods
- Goods can be sorted by expiration date
- Pallets and vehicles for the transfer of monitored wireless connection - GPS tracking
- Inventory is controlled and updated
- The manual errors are eliminated - professional licensed workers

The method of storage is dictated by the type and nature of the items themselves. A good information system responds to client requests quickly and efficiently. The choice of technology depends on the analysis of the items and the estimated flow of goods through the warehouse.

Safe, reliable and convenient storage of customs goods today is the basis of successful business for all companies engaged in import-export of goods.

All clients who are in need of permanent or temporary importation of goods, the company SDL Group offers excellent conditions for accommodation and storage, partial clearance with all the conditions for that result in mutual long-term partnership.

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Increased security - physical security of storage space, video surveillance, alarm systems ...

Fast, secure storage, with great care in determining the daily, weekly or monthly rent.




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SDL Group allows safe and reliable transportation services throughout Europe using modern integrated approach, focused on the effective execution of our clients.


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