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CONTAINER Multimodal Transport

SDL Group certainly through its products deals with international transport combined transport of goods. Integrated multimodal transport or, as is also called is one of the most modern means of transport transport units of various dimensions, during which combine two or more different modes of transport.

SDL is a simple system - making a contract on business and technical collaboration with two leading shipping companies and laying guarantee for a certain amount of work has enabled all its clients primarily safety in the transport of goods by container, with fully harmonized preuzimnaja same time in the ports of Rijeka, Koper.

Own truck transpostom we download and delivery of goods in our public customs warehouse in Krnješevci. As part of such a mode of transport we provide all klijenetima option of manual unloading, palletizing goods, stretch wrapping of goods.

First of all we give and emphasize safety and security that we have acquired in previous work with our client were because despite all the logistical steps required procedures established ISO standard is a photo - shooting and cross-section of goods before unloading after unloading and the positioning of goods. The goods inside the container is protected and separate special packaging, which allows the entire cargo space inside the container maximize.

Combined transport of goods enables smart and above all cost effective option in terms of form and means of transport by which the goods will be transported from the port to the warehouse, the other warehouse or final destination. Key factors in the selection are definitely distance, available infrastructure, transport speed, additional taxes that have a stake in the formation of the final price.

A wider choice of options is not always an advantage, if it is not used in the right way. It should be noted that the total transport costs grow with the number of combined transport models. Therefore, when this type of transport is very important well-informed, effective organization and sense of planning which will help professional team SDL certainly provide.

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Increased security - physical security of storage space, video surveillance, alarm systems ...

Fast, secure storage, with great care in determining the daily, weekly or monthly rent.

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