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quality policy

Quality and environmental protection is an integral part of business policy and framework for defining common objectives (quality objectives and business goals) in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and is based on process-oriented business system that is continuously reviewed and improved.


Specialized company recognized by all our partners in the field of international transport, logistics, customs brokerage and warehousing. We can offer a safe and convenient service to all destinations both in collective transport and the realization of full load.

SDL Group Ltd. is a specialized partner in the context of all types of transportation, logistics, customs brokerage - Freight Forwarding in the domestic and international business. Its work so far, based on providing a safe service acquired a large number of both domestic and foreign clients.

Our business is based on the following values:

Customer satisfaction as the primary goal of business, through continuous security and improving the quality of service, all in accordance with the requirements and expectations of the client

Establishing a system of feedback from the client with the aim of research and analysis of the provided services and finding opportunities and the implementation of all new requests

Fostering good cooperation and a sense of belonging to the company, in which all employees understand their roles, powers and responsibilities

Quality management is a key component - an approach that involves teamwork of each employee

Development of all employees in the organization through training at all levels, so that the quality is present in every process.

Standard operating without error, which is based on prevention and effective performance of activities.

Creating partnerships with suppliers.

Continuous improvement of the working environment and the impact on the working environment.

Identification of environmental aspects and impacts on the environment as a constant activity in order to control and monitoring of the environmental impact.

Constant monitoring and adjustment of business with all national and international regulations.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the company is to create a strong and stable company in the service of all modes of transport, with a special focus aimed at the international transport of cargo, providing all kinds of services in customs brokerage, and warehousing of goods.

The vision of the company is to strengthen its status as a reliable partner and protect the interests of all our clients.


In accordance with business policy objectives are set out standards of conduct:

  • Ethics, morality, honesty in all business segments
  • Team work
  • Encouraging the development of creativity in the company
  • Encouraging ideas each employee
  • Promotion of environmental protection and high level of safety at work of all employees

Through constant communication with our customers and continuous development of our services, we strive to increase the quality and better meet the set standards.

We are constantly improving their business! Visit us at the industrial zone in Krnješevci.


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